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Stephanie, Rich, Veronica and Krista welcomed us to CrossFit SoCal for a great Oly session

Bar Hopping

By Zach Mosbarger   I approach the barbell and take my stance.  I reach down with my left hand and lock in with a hook grip, reminding myself to explode on my second pull.  I look to my right and repeat, positioning my thumb first and letting the rest of my fingers wrap around.  This is it.  I lower into a relaxed but firm stance.  A few breaths and some positive … [Read More...]

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Subject to Change

By Zach Mosbarger   Anybody who follows this blog knows that Lexi and I usually try to post every Monday and Thursday, in addition to updating the "Boxes" … [Read More...]

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MBS CrossFit in Broomfield, CO

CrossFit, A Mile High

By Zach Mosbarger   “High intensity” is one of things I enjoy most about CrossFit.  It’s actually what drew me to it in the first place. I’ve lifted and … [Read More...]

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Thank You, Vets!

By Alexa Coughlin   CrossFit has always had a positive relationship with the military.  Many of the first CrossFitters were deployed Marines, soldiers and sailors, and you can find Affiliates on United States military bases all over the world.  We … [Read More...]


An Unplanned Long Weekend in New Mexico

By Zach Mosbarger   I suppose I was aware that New Mexico’s nickname was the “Land of Enchantment”, but I really didn’t give it much thought until we hiked the Sandia Mountains just east of Albuquerque.  Heading up La Luz Trail last Saturday, we … [Read More...]


The Roadside Kitchen

By Alexa Coughlin Zach and I have been on the road for almost three months now and based on personal experiences, we can say that culinary innovation is the only way to pursue health and nutrition on the road.  Creativity is key. The first leg of our … [Read More...]


Big Thanks to “The Moose is Loose”

As promised, here is the link to this week's post.  Dai Manuel, a well-known motivational speaker, fitness coach and health guru, published our guest blog to his website this morning.  We hope you enjoy the post and the pictures, and take away some of the … [Read More...]


A Brief Update

By Zach Mosbarger   We've made it to the American Southwest!  I'm writing this from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I must say: not a bad little town. For those who haven't noticed, I've developed a bit of a routine on this trip to where I usually … [Read More...]